Several surveys revealed that professionals involved in EU project management require more specific training in soft skills (communication etc. …) as well as project management specific responsibilities like partnership management and financial rules.

Most EU project managers come from entirely different fields and have different professional backgrounds. This makes it hard for them to prove their profound skills & expertise developed over the years – a clear point for a certification as proof of their knowledge and experience.

Particularly aimed at EU-project managers, a modern and user-friendly virtual learning environment will be developed within the course of this project. It foresees a blended approach covering different steps from assessment to certification. A competence chart will provide a first overview on needed skills, skills can then be self-assessed, following a tailored training and certification according to ISO 17024 – all part of a multilingual web-based self-assessment tool which ensures easy access with minimal efforts. 

A tailored training which has been created based on recognized project management tools as well as first-hand feedback of experienced project managers is going to identify strengths and weaknesses in a first step and enhances competences in a second step. 

The following certification according to ISO 17024 serves as a simple and clear proof of the manager’s qualification. This enhances the EU project manager’s opportunities and possibilities on the labour market as well as job-related mobility.